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Using Voice With Dexterous

By now you would have used voice activation for some part of your daily life. However, have you considered how it can be used for your business?

You are going to be able to use voice in ways you never imagined. The best part, it can be configurated for any business with any requirement.

  • Call Recording
    You can record and store calls that come to your office number or mobile
  • Call Automation
    Send automated calls to staff or customers based on your rules and milestones
  • Speech to Text
    Convert conversations directly to text that automatically upload to your CRM
  • Conditional Logic
    Use conditional logic to automatically call a client or staff member

Real World Scenario
Let’s say you run a delivery company. When one of your drivers leave their current delivery drop-off and they are onto next, they click a button on the Dexterous mobile app that says, “Next Appointment” that function will then automatically call the next customer waiting for their delivery.

That call will go something like this:

“Hi Jane. Your delivery driver is on their way. We estimate they will be at your address within the next 30 minutes. Press 1 to accept or press 2 to be forwarded directly to the delivery driver.”

If the customer presses 1 on their phone the driver is given the signal to proceed to the location, if the customer presses 2 the driver will receive a phone call.

In this case we are going to say that the customer pressed 2 and requested that she will not be home but to leave the package at the door. That entire conversation can be recorded and automatically update into the organisations database. So, all staff can be aware of the customer’s request.
With this process neither the driver nor the customer will know each other’s phone number as we can mask the number from each other.

Organise a time with one of our expert team members to see how Dexterous Voice can change your business.


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