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Square – Price Items By Weight

We LOVE square. We loved it so much that we have integrated it directly into our Inventory Management system.

With Square you get everything you need to power your point of sale and accept payments. Square lets you accept tap-and-go cards, mobile wallets and chip cards, whether you’re on the move or at your counter. They have a great interface with easy to use integrations in Dexterous, XERO and WooCommerce to name a few software providers

With Square, we firmly believe that it is suited around retail business that selling individual items. It works great if you are selling an iPhone or T-Shirts. What we have found however, is that Square does have one major feature that is missing.

Its not only Square, Shopify also has the same missing feature. This feature is Items by weight!

For any business out there they sell products based on a weight that needs to be manually entered both Square and shopify can not handle this.

Here is an example:

You own a fruit market and someone comes along to purchase 1.4kg of Apples at $4.5 per kg.

You would expect this:

1.4kg x $4.50 = $6.30

With Square or Shopify the best you can do is one of two options:

Option one:

Create a product called Green Apples 100 grams and then you would need to increase the quanity to 14 to get 1.4 kg

Option two:

You only sell even amounts.

There is another option. Due to these shortcomings we have created our Dexterous Inventory with its own POS specifically targeted torward businesses they sell items based on weight on measured that is alter at the point of sale.

Get in contact woth the team to organise a quick demo.

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