Deliver Value.
Partner With Dexterous!

The world of consulting is changing, and software innovation should be part of every discussion you have with your clients. As a Dexterous Partner you can offer your clients smarter ways to introduce automation & efficiency improvements.

What Does Being A Dexterous Partner Mean?

Leverage from our technology, reputation and expertise to offer your clients the latest in business automation and efficiencies.

More Customers

Create conversations around: Automation, Workflows, Inventory Management & Artificial Intelligence.

Better Opportunities

Find new customers with a range of innovative solutions that the Dexterous solution can offer your client base.

Increased Income

Generate new avenues of income by offering, configurating and implementing a Dexterous solution for your clients.

What experience do i need?

Depending upon your experience you can choose from one of our three partner types: Influencer, Referrer or an Agent. If you are already an experienced consultant you may only require minimum training. However, we recommend that all partners new to consulting should undertake our FREE training academy.

Full Training Academy

Ongoing Support

Marketing Material

Monthly Commission

What Type Of Partner Are You?

You may already have a consulting business, perhaps you are looking for a new career or a side hustle to make some additional income. We have three partner options to fulfil your requirement.

Choose The Dexterous Partner Program That Fits You Best!

Depending upon your experience you have three different types of Dexterous Partner’s you can choose from. The entry level is an Influencer then a Referrer and for the most experienced consultants we recommend they apply to become an Agent.


As an influencer you may have little business experience however you know a great product when you see it. Influencers pass leads onto Dexterous and receive a set fee commission for each successful Dexterous sale.


As a referrer you have a fair amount of business experience. You can organise and conduct your own meetings whilst having a specialised Dexterous team member attend to assist you. Referrers receive a set commission on each successful sale.


As an agent you have experience with implementing workflows, automation and software into businesses. You can implement the entire Dexterous process on your own. Agents receive uncapped commission for each successful sale.

The Core Dexterous Features

You can configurate Dexterous to do pretty much anything you need. Here are some of our core features that brings everything together.

Workflow Automation

With Dexterous you can create smart and intuitive workflows to reduce time and increase staff productivity. Create all the workflows you require. There is no limit!

Customer Management

With Dexterous you have everything you need at your fingertips. Our intuitive design allows for quick and efficient workflow steps. Never miss an opportunity again, stay ahead of your competition.

Inventory Management

Dexterous provides a best in class inventory management solution for organisations to manage purchases, sales and stock on hand. The Dexterous Inventory solution allows for multi-currency transactions and is multi-lingual.

Form & Document Generation

Create dynamic online forms and documents that can be edited, shared and signed from anywhere. Contact forms, feedback, applications, the options are endless.

Machine Learning

Dexterous can sort, filter and predict your data or information into lists and reports. Make sales look easy, make acquiring new customers a piece of cake!

What Do You Get

As a Dexterous Partner we want to ensure you have everything you need to be successful. So we provide the following:

Dexterous Partner Website

As a Dexterous Partner you get your very own Dexterous website so you can showcase all the amazing features and link your social media posts to your lead generation forms on your website.

Marketing Material

You can select the different types of marketing material you require. Get unlimited access to print material, social media posts and articles that you can use in getting the Dexterous message out.

Access To Dexterous

Perhaps the best part. As a Dexterous Partner you get a FREE licence to Dexterous to use for demonstrations and as a resource to input your leads and interactions.

The onboarding process

We want to ensure becoming a Dexterous Partner is a rewarding and successful decision for you. Our onboarding process allows you to get the most from the partner program.

Initial Application

To get started you will need to fill out the short application form on the website to register your interest in joining the team.

Interview Process

Within 24 we will organise a phone, video or face to face interview to answer any questions you may have.

Training Academy

Depending upon your experience we can allow as much or as little training as you believe you require to get started.

Getting Started

We provide you with your website, marketing material and the Dexterous solution to showcase it to the world.