Dexterous Inventory

Smarter Sales Process

Manage your entire sales process from end to end with Dexterous Inventory. From quoting, invoicing, stock management. All integrated into your website.

Sales Orders With Ease.

Create dynamic quotes & sales orders with customer pricing groups and set rules. Calculate specialised Tax like WET or LCT.

  • Add Tax Codes
  • Automate Service & Handling Fees
  • Reward/Point System Included

Stock Picking Is A Breeze.

Easily navigate and allocate stock to sales orders using our interactive warehouse layout design.

  • Fast & Easy
  • Accurate
  • 100% Transparency

Invoice Integration.

Enhance the capabilities of accounting software like Xero with our integration. Its seamless & does exactly what you require.

  • No Double Entry
  • Set Your Own Rules
  • Create Additional Tax Codes

Full Customer Overview.

Know everything about your customer & their interactions with your business. Create specific rules & pricing for each customer.

  • Set Pricing Groups
  • Establish Credit Terms
  • Understand Buying Patterns

Product Setup.

Setup your products in seconds. Choose between a vast amount of options and criteria’s for each product.

  • Multiple Categories
  • Unit of Measure Conversions
  • Integrated Into Your Website