Dexterous Inventory

Innovative Features

With some of the largest companies in the world using Dexterous Inventory. We have innovative enhancements to ensure you are getting the very latest technologic breakthroughs in the industry.

Inventory Management.

With the clever design of Dexterous Inventory, you can management your inventory with a new level of comfort and ease.

  • Transfer Stock Between Bins
  • Create Inventory Statuses
  • Detailed Lot Tracking

Warehouse Management.

If you are managing multiple warehouses, vans or trucks. You can now have a complete view on where everything is.

  • Transfer Stock Between Locations
  • Allocate Stock To Staff
  • Created Automated Rules

Create Recipes.

No matter your product or offering you can process recipes (combinations of products). This means your staff will always be picking from the right pick list and have the correct stock allocation.

  • Job Costing Analysis
  • Works For All industries
  • Reduces Error

Clever Stock Take.

Stock take has never been easier. Using our mobile app you can scan your product and make instant adjustments

  • Fast & Easy
  • Mobile App
  • Accurate & Detailed

Traceability Confidence.

Have the confidence in knowing that you can trace back any product and know exactly which batch number it came from.

  • Detailed Analysis
  • Unlimited Reporting
  • Product Recall Capabilities