Dexteous Inventory

Buying Made Easy

Gain complete control over your entire buying process by understanding supplier history, purchases, stock levels and customer requirements.

Create Smart Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders with specific rules for each supplier based on pervious interactions

  • Last Purchase History
  • Automatic Currency Conversion
  • Dynamic Supplier Product List

Stock Allocation Is A Breeze.

Pre allocate stock in your warehouse using our interactive warehouse management layout design

  • Reserve Space In Your Warehouse
  • Automated Stock Allocation
  • Created Specific Rules Per Allocation

Invoice Integration.

Enhance the capabilities of accounting software like Xero with our integration. Its seamless & does exactly what you require.

  • No Double Entry
  • Set Your Own Rules
  • Create Additional Tax Codes

More Supplier Detail.

Have a clearer view on your suppliers. Know exactly what your interactions with them have been.

  • Last Purchase Price Suggestion
  • Specific Tax Rules/Exemptions
  • Multi-Currency Conversions