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Yes, Dexterous has all the CRM features that you require to run a modern business. Dexterous is a CRM yet it is so much more! You have tasks, notes, forms and pretty much anything else you would need. Our clients range from start-ups, SMEs and large corporates.

You can either use the internal document management system or integrate Dexterous with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or SharePoint. Allocate user access and share documents with staff, suppliers and customers.

Dexterous is industry agnostic and is suitable for any business type. With our flexible framework you can have Dexterous configurated as much or as little as you require.

Yes, the Dexterous online portal can be used for staff, third parties or customers. You have the ability to share documents, create notes, electrically sign documents and even pay invoices via our Stripe integration.

Yes, Dexterous has full integration into both Microsoft and Google. This means you can send, receive and save emails directly into Dexterous. Sending emails will automatically attach to a client’s files. Plus, the added benefit of instantly being able to save attachments.

With Dexterous you have all the standard CRM features like notes and tasks. We also have some added features one being “Mentions” like Twitter, it allows you mention a team member so that you can notified them on a client file. This reduces the need to send emails between staff and you have the confidence in knowing all your conversations are saved against client files.

Create dynamic online forms that can be embedded anywhere, or password protected on the Dexterous online portal. Contact forms, feedback, applications, the options are endless. Dexterous forms can merge data into documents using short codes. With form fields you can create free text, dropdowns, checklists, dates, calculations and validations.

You sure can! Communicate with your staff and customers using text messages. Fully automated with rules and templates. The best part is that every SMS is saved directly against the client file.

Yep, you can perform an automated action that is based on time or a specific date. This feature will allow you to set your internal process and Dexterous will follow the rules you create

You sure can. With workflow automation you have the full ability to determine which role or team member will automatically be allocated a task based on their specific skillset, customer preferences or internal rule.

One of the major features with dexterous workflows is the ability to determine when you want to send an email, or an SMS to either a staff member customer or third-party supplier. The Dexterous communication tool gives you the ability to attach templates that will merge your data and information into the body of the email or SMS.

One of the key benefits of Dexterous is the ability to link our solution to over 1000 other software solutions from around the world. This means you can automate triggers in Dexterous when something is actioned on another solution software outside of Dexterous

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Philip Dalidaki

Former Minister - Victorian Government

Congratulations to Dexterous on being this month’s Momentum Energy/3AW Small Business Award winner. Victoria is leading the country in small business growth and it’s great to see our local success stories, who have been part of the Government’s trade mission program, recognised for hard work and accomplishments expanding into new global markets



Business of Tomorrow Winner

Westpac has recently named Dexterous as one of the recipients of its 2017 Westpac Business of Tomorrow Awards. They describe a business of tomorrow as one that demonstrates “a track record of delivery, outstanding value to customers, capability to meet tomorrow’s challenges and contribute beyond your business within communities, industry or the economy


Momentum Energy

Business Innovation Award

Dexterous has been recognised by Momentum Energy & 3AW as a winner of it's Business Award.


Jason Harwood

Lifewealth - CEO

Dexterous itself has become an integral part of our business.


Tristan Brady-Smith

Tru Blu Container Crew - CEO

I can't start to imagine what life was like before we implemented Dexterous into our business. It has reduced all of our workloads.