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Dexterous PRO Solutions

Best of both worlds!

The Dexterous framework has been designed to be configurated exactly how you need it. With most off the shelf solutions you will find you need to work your business around the software. Our unique real-time designing tool allows you to build your system instantly.

Dexterous Works For Any Industry

Unlimited Fields

With Dexterous you don’t have to build your software solution from the ground up, but you do get to decide what goes into it. Create the fields that are relevant to your business, add calculations and merge tags to pretty much do anything with the data once it has been entered.

Field Mapping

Create shortcodes so you can use the data entered from the fields at a later stage.

Field Calculations

Unlike most software solutions where you enter data into a field and the system simply collects it, Dexterous can perform calculations based on the data. This can be used for sales orders, finance applications, online payments, assets & liabilities etc. With Dexterous you can make any calculation you require.


Let’s say you are a medical clinic. You can create a form using extra fields that a patient fills out prior to seeing a doctor. This form can be emailed or SMS directly to the client whilst they are at reception and then the results will automatically populate in your Dexterous solution. No more paperwork or double entry.

Merge Data Into Documents

Automatically generate word documents and merge any data collected from Dexterous using shortcodes.

Instantly generate word documents with the data that has been entered into Dexterous.

Never lose your formatting or style when automatically merging data.

Document Management

Store, share and edit your documents with management, staff, customers, referral partners and third parties.

Document Access

Gain control on who has access to which documents. Maintain a full audit history on who has downloaded which document.

API Integration

Integrate Dexterous document management directly into major providers like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Create smart and intuitive workflows to reduce time and increase staff productivity.

No crazy robots here, just automation in 3 easy steps. Create your trigger, schedule the event and then perform the action. Once you set the rules, Dexterous will do the rest automatically. Create workflows for anything.

Create triggers to schedule a workflow step based on internal or external rules.

Schedule the time and communication type that is going to be performed.

Automate actions to be automatically performed like sending emails or SMS, creating tasks or even updating a spreadsheet.

Example On How Dexterous Automation Works

We spend so much time doing mundane tasks. With Dexterous automation you can implement efficiencies throughout your entire organisation. Dexterous automation can work for any business, corporation, government department or association. Below is an example on how it can work in a school environment to assist communication between parents and teachers.


We link Dexterous into the bureau of meteorology. The trigger occurs when the next school day is 35 degrees.


Schedule SMS communication to all parents 24 hours prior to the next school day, when the trigger occurs.


SMS all parents a reminder to pack their child’s hat and sunscreen as tomorrow will be a high UV day..

Your Design, Your Way!

When we set out to create Dexterous, one of the key elements was that it had to be visually pleasing and make sense to the business using the solution.


You have full control on how you would like the layout to be designed.


Create different screens for different users so it is relevant to them.


For the designer in all of us. Pick from the rainbow, use your corporate colours or go for something different.

The right layout for your business

Get Creative

Our research has shown us that to maximise staff engagement and reduce staff training, the layout of the software solution is extremely critical. We work with you to design and layout your interface, so it makes sense and is practical to your staff, third parties and customers.

Predict Outcomes With
Dexterous Thinks...

Dexterous Thinks can sort, filter and predict your data or information into lists and reports. Make sales look easy, make acquiring new customers a piece of cake! With Dexterous Thinks you will elevate your business to new heights.


Dexterous will calculate your data, sort and filter new opportunities and determine the likelihood of conversion.


Predict the chance of an outcome occurring and start improving your decision making.

Neuro network

Dexterous Thinks is always learning and improving its suggested outcomes.

Dexterous Direct Integrations

With so many software platforms out there, it is very likely that your business is already using some a range of different solutions. Therefore, we have made Dexterous flexible with our API integration and our ability to integrate into most major platforms. An example of how this would work is if your sales team is using a certain application, they can continue to use that and we can pull data through to Dexterous to handle the operations. You can integrate Dexterous into any part of your processes.

Create your ultimate software solution with the Dexterous framework.

Organise Your First Meeting

Dexterous + Zapier

Apart from direct integrations we also have full integration into Zapier

Integrate Dexterous with over 1000 applications from around the world. Zapier moves information between Dexterous and your other web applications automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

Your Process, Your Way!

Smooth Implementation

With Dexterous we offer a range of solutions to get you up and running smoothly and seamlessly. Our 3-step process ensures the very best outcomes. We work with you and offer custom implementation solutions including setup, training and data migration. Moving forward we offer a range of support solutions:


We workshop and plan the best solution for your business, understanding your specific needs and requirements.

We setup the ultimate Dexterous Solution for your business. Scalable to meet today's demands and tomorrow's growth.

We migrate and upload your data and information. Also providing individual and personalised training for your teams and administration.