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One of the biggest misconception is that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is going to run your entire business just like a factory assembly line very soon. Well, we think we are quite a way off this. Around 10 – 15 years is our estimation. What we do foresee occurring within the near future are businesses becoming more efficient when it comes to making decisions and allocating staff/resources.

Dexterous Thinks (AI) has successfully been sorting, filter and predicting outcomes for a variety of different industries ranging from:

  • Sales
  • Professional Services
  • Logistics
  • Finance
  • Insurance

Dexterous Thinks (AI) guides your business decision making to generate more income utilising less expenses.  Its all about working smarter not harder.

If you run a sales company and are looking to promote a new product, do you start calling existing customers? Do you start from A and work your way through to Z? Imagine getting a list of contacts that are extremely likely to buy from you and want to hear from you! This is exactly what Dexterous Thinks (AI) does, it will sort your data, filter it and determine a list of the most probable outcomes.

Businesses don’t want to be spending all their time chasing down leads that will not converting into a sale.


The example below shows that Dexterous Thinks has calculated the following scenario for this client:

– 56% Chance of being converted to a sale
– 18% Chance of having a delayed decision
– 16% Chance of the client wanting a cheaper solution
– 9% Chance of the sale not going ahead.

In this scenario there is an extremely high chance that the customer will proceed. Dexterous Thinks (AI)will learn from this outcome and start applying it to all future sets of data. Dexterous Thinks (AI) is always learning always calculating.

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