Dexterous The Ultimate Solution For Your business

With Dexterous we offer a range of solutions to get you up and running smoothly and seamlessly.

Our 4 step process ensures the very best outcomes. We work with you and offer custom implementation solutions including setup, training and data migration. Moving forward we offer a range of support solutions

Dexterous PRO

Our 4 Steps To Successful Software Implementation

Phase 1 - Scope & Plan

We workshop and plan the best solution for your business, understanding your specific needs and requirements

Phase 2 - Develop

We setup the ultimate Dexterous Solution for your business. Scalable to meet today's demands and tomorrow's growth

Phase 3 - Implement

We migrate and upload your data and information. Also providing individual and personalised training for your teams and admin

Phase 4 - Maintain

Data security, backups and ongoing support. We offer a range of support levels and ongoing maintenance solutions

Do you have questions?

Looking to learn how Dexterous can best benefit your business?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our customers

Get in contact with Dexterous to arrange an introductory discussion with our friendly and experienced team
Dexterous offers best-in-class server and user security and data backups. All of our solutions offer encrypted communications. Every Dexterous solution sits in its own instance ensuring ultimate protection for your data
Every Dexterous solution and each customer is unique. Our typical solutions can be implemented within 2 days to 4 weeks. Depending on your level of complexity and customisation this may vary. All implementations completed over a set committed project timeframe