Smarter Automation

With DexFlow you can create clever automated client engagement that makes sense & increases customer satisfaction

Setup any automated rule in minutes. Create SMS or Email templates, trigger actions based on dates or events!

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Email Engagement

Create dynamic email templates to communication with your clients

SMS Engagement

Create dynamic SMS templates to remind and prompt your clients


Create rules to trigger certain events happening.

Get Creative With Your Automation

DexFlow is an open platform that allows you to get creative in the way you communicate with your clients. You can create as many automated workflows steps for each of your clients. These workflow steps can be based upon a date or an event occurring.

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The right message at the right time.

With DexFlow you ensure that your communication to clients fits your companies standards and requirements.
  • Create unlimited workflow steps
  • Fully integrated into most major platforms
  • Increase efficiency whilst creating better client satisfaction
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